WTC Committments

Active listening: to fully understand our client’s requests and needs and translating them into satisfactory products.

Coordination : tuning all our services to our client’s expectations to rapidly propose the appropriate solution or product.

Accuracy : coming up with the best possible alternative solutions with a clear focus on improving our client’s working conditions:

Make sure all protective and safety measures are taken, starting from production, to prevent environmental pollution and secure transportation of our goods. That means analyzing our products’ genuine characteristics to master their potential consequences on people’s health and the environment .

Priority is given to the physical security of our clients and their personnel.

Develop new technologies that contribute to enhance people and environmental safety. This applies both on our product range and on our management policy of our industrial plant.   
Make our human resources and our laboratory available to our clients to match their specific requests.

Invest into research to support innovation, production and marketing of new products on regular basis.


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