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We are pleased to present a 2nd revolutionary product from our new range of BIOTECHNOLOGICAL products:

ProbioSani RTU


Biotechnology in service of cleaning to preserve the environment

ProbioSani RTU is a ready-to-use probiotic sanitary cleaner. It instantly cleans surfaces by removing surface dirt. It has two innovative effects: The presence of enzymes that allow rapid breakdown of the specific target organic contaminants that will be assimilated by the probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria add value by delivering long-lasting cleaning activity. Over time, the good bacteria will produce enzymes that create a system of continuous breakdown of organic pollutants such as fats, starches and proteins.

ProbioSani RTU prevents the formation of urinary stone and the lime layer. It is safe for the user and the environment.

Our ready-to-use probiotic products are equipped with a foaming spray head for optimal and safe application.

ProbioSani RTU is available in :

·         12 x 750 ML spray/box

If you would like more information about this product and the full line of probiotic products, We would be pleased to schedule an appointment at a time most convenient for you.